How to choose the most suitable lubricant?

How to choose the most suitable lubricant?

In order to successfully choose the most suitable lubricant, it is important to understand, firstly, for what purpose it will be intended and, secondly, whether one of the partners has a special skin sensitivity or allergy to any of the substances. It is also advisable to discuss and specify the desired consistency of lubricants with your partner - thicker or more liquid, gel or oily, as well as the method of use - in a tube, with a pump or pouring from a bottle.

Types of lubricants and purposes of use

Often overlooked or ignored is the fact that different lubricants can be chosen differently, as the different properties allow them to be used for one activity or another.

Universal way of use - for everything and with everything

This is the most popular purpose of use, which includes partner sex, masturbation, condom use, and partner age and gender. In this case, it is safest to choose a water-based lubricant without self-contained parts for an additional effect.

There are no restrictions on the use of water-based lubricant - it is compatible with the necessary materials for condoms, sex toys, intimate hygiene and health products. That's how universal MYLOME lubricant is - use it without worries and enjoy unprecedented comfort!

The few cases where people have had negative experiences with water-based lubricants have been due to the lubricants drying out too quickly. A fully or water-based lubricant dries out after a period of time and needs to be replenished by adding more. Inferior lubricants dry out faster and can interfere, and play lasts longer than the statistically average duration of intercourse or and anal stimulation is included in the pleasure plan. High-quality water-based lubricants are long-lasting and slower drying, do not become sticky and do not irritate the clinic.

the majority of MYLOME lube test group users found it to be the longest sliding of any water based lube they had ever tried.

In order for MYLOME lubricant to be as effective as possible during anal play, it is more abundant than, for example, during vaginal sex, because the rectum does not secrete natural lubrication, and it also has a peculiar ability to absorb everything that is inserted. Therefore, it is important to use sex toys with a design shape, for anal games, only those that have an anchor in the solution - a stopping, widened end that prevents the toy from slipping inside.

Silicone-based lubricants

There are times when a silicone-based lubricant can work well instead of a water-based one. The main difference from a water-based lubricant is its consistency. A water base can feel like a more fluid gel or a thicker gel, but a silicone base has a more oily consistency. Yes, there is no silicone in the base, but this feeling is present.

A water-based lubricant contains water, which tends to dry out during activity, but a silicone base will remain slippery as long as it is on the skin. Therefore, it can be conveniently used during intimate play, anal stimulation or full body massage, including intimate massage.

However, silicone-based lubricants also have some disadvantages. They should not be used with silicone toys, menstrual cups or intimate trainers as they damage the silicone material. Another peculiarity is that this lubricant creates an oily layer on the skin, which helps, for example, fingers, genitals, toys made of glass and metal material to slide perfectly on the surface, but does not create adhesion to the skin itself. As a result, the sensitivity of the genitals may decrease, as this lubricant has created a protective layer on the skin that does not allow the touch to cause friction. This situation has especially been observed by people who use a silicone-based lubricant together with condoms. The glide is so good that both partners feel less of each other due to minimized traction.

The silicone-based lubricant is able to create a warming sensation without added heating or stimulating particles. The feeling of warmth arises because the film does not let air flow through - the skin is also like a thin blanket. Also, the consistency of this lubricant is not close to the natural lubrication of the human genitals.

It should be noted that silicone-based products can only be washed off the skin with soap, as they do not dissolve in water. It will be recommended to use gentle intimate soaps instead of ordinary hand soaps or heavily scented shower gels.

Oil-based or hybrid lubricant

lubricants have gained the lowest popularity, they are each designed to be so universal, as they are nowhere near the products mentioned above. Oil-based or hoblubricants cannot be used regularly as a base lubricant, as they have different saturation characteristics, which can have a negative impact on health if used incorrectly.

Hybrid lubricants contain both water-based components and silicone admixture, which are acceptable for use with condoms. Oil-based lubricants tend to clog and build up in the pores of human skin, and they also damage latex condoms.

It is safest to use oil-based or hubrid lubricants for external genital masturbation or anal play (no silicone toys!).


Lubricant packaging matters

Even the packaging of the highest quality lubricant can make the product difficult and spoil the mood of the moment if the bottle of intimate cosmetics slips from your hands. Also, an uncomfortable tube, from which the lubricant flows more or less than desired, especially in hot and sensual moments of intimacy, when every second is weightless, can spoil special feelings and atmosphere.

Therefore, one of the best and most popular types of packaging is a bottle with a dispenser or pump. There are several rational reasons for this:

  • Easy to dose the amount of lubricants - choose one or five pumps, and they will give the same product every time you press the dispenser.
  • There is no need to close the cap of the bottle - the bottle can be carelessly dropped on the side of the bed or rolled under the pillow. The dispenser has the advantage that the lubricant will not spill even if the bottle rolls and falls on the floor.
  • Airless technology that does not allow air to enter the bottle - the MYLOME lubricant dispenser is truly special and stands out with the use of this rarely used technology . Airless technology ensures that oxygen and bacteria do not enter the product, thus ensuring the long-lasting quality of lubricants.

MYLOME lubricant in an airless bottle has a special effect when used from the external environment, so it can be used for a long time, even just once a month. In conventional air-entrained bottles, the water-based product has an average shelf life of six months after first opening. If the bottle is rolled often or if you forget to close it in time, then such a lubricant can spoil faster.

With the MYLOME airless bottle, you can not worry about this and indulge in comfortable moments of pleasure whenever and as much as you want!

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