We select high-quality raw materials to create a product that improves health and well-being.

We create products that meet the needs of women's bodies and promote lifelong health.
Recycled, which we accept back to facilitate the collection and recycling of our own packaging.

Our products are biodegradable and do not create an additional burden on the environment.

We trust nature and science. We do the research to make sure we've developed the best.

We believe that enjoying a healthy sexual relationship improves the overall quality of life and is an art!

  • Enjoyment

    When developing products, we think about pleasure as one of the most important factors. Our first products are silky and pleasant, they don't stick, they don't dry out. They are contoured and pleasant. They are suitable for both vaginal and anal use.
    We will be happy to be part of your love story.

  • Knowledge and experience

    MYLOME has been and continues to be developed under the guidance of long-term chemical engineering scientists and professionals who have experience in the development of cosmetic products in the laboratory and in the management of research and development laboratories.

    We have engaged Riga Stradins University for product research.

  • Health care

    MYLOME aims to improve a woman's sexual health and the quality of her sexual life throughout her life with the help of intimate cosmetics products, offering natural, health-promoting, enhancing and maintaining intimate cosmetics and products for pleasure.

  • Durability

    Responsible production and lifelong sustainability – MYLOME product packaging is made from recyclable plastic, the composition of the products has no impact on the environment and is biodegradable. We invite you to promote sustainability by returning used product packaging to us.

    We will take care of their collection and recycling, but we will give you a discount on your next

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