Which base lubricant to choose in which situations

Which base lubricant to choose in which situations

Vaginal sex

The most suitable and water-based lubricants. Preferably with a neutral pH that affects the microflora. The vagina has an acidic environment that corresponds to a pH of 3.8 to 4.5. Also, the lubricant does not have particularly high indicators. The vaginal lubricant must be free of added perfumes and flavorings. These additional additives are an excellent initiator of thrush. The consistency can be from very liquid to very thick. Liquid lubricant will feel similar to the consistency of a woman's natural lubrication, but it will also dry out faster. A particularly thick lubricant can slide for a long time or quickly become sticky - it depends on the quality of the product. The most popular and favorite is the medium thick consistency. That's exactly what MYLOME Feel lubricant is. Thick enough not to run off the body and for maximum glide without the risk of caking.

In second place in terms of suitability are silicone-based lubricants. They are not harmful to the vagina and its microflora, however, it is impossible to use as the only lubricant every day. Every time after using a silicone-based lubricant, it should be thoroughly washed off the body with soap, which can cause too much stress on the female genitals. It should be remembered that the inside of the vagina should not be washed, rinsed or cleaned in any other way! This means that you have to wait for the vagina to clean itself and all the lubricant remaining together with the vaginal discharge will be washed out. In contrast, water-based lubricants do not necessarily need to be washed off. However, if there is such a desire, it can be rinsed very easily with just water (even without soap), because water dissolves them perfectly.

Oral sex

A water-based lubricant will be the most pleasant for the oral pleasure provider. Both vaginal lubricant and oral lubricant can be used. Oral lubricants come in a variety of scents and even flavors, which can create more pleasurable sensations for the pleasure provider. However, there should be many because they are usually very sweet! It should be remembered that after oral sex, this lubricant should be washed off the genitals so that it does not enter the vagina. If a very small amount is used, it can also be eaten by diligently licking it off the body. As already mentioned above, flavor and aroma enhancers can adversely affect the microflora.

Stimulation, massage with hands only

If the genitals are only massaged with the hands, then a silicone-based lubricant or a massage gel/oil that is also designed to be used as a lubricant will work best. It could also be a hybrid lubricant. The mentioned products will provide a very long glide and will not need to be renewed often. A water-based lubricant would, of course, be an even more friendly option for the vagina, but it will dry out faster and will have to be renewed more often. A water-based lube will give a natural feel, while a silicone-based one will create an oily, ultra-slippery, non-drying film on the skin that will glide perfectly and have less skin adhesion/friction.

Using silicone sex toys

A water-based lubricant is the safest choice in this case. It does not damage silicone toy materials. A medium to thick lube consistency will ensure better lube retention and longer gliding. Vaginal or anal - according to the stimulated area. You can also use hybrid lubricant for silicone anal toys, but it is preferable to wash it off the toy immediately after use with intimate soap and/or clean it with a sex toy care product.

Use of glass, metal sex toys

Toys of this material can be used with all base lubricants. The glass and metal toys are super slippery with the silicone based lube, which is a great solution for anal play. A hybrid lubricant is also an option. If using a glass dildo or other vaginal glass/metal toy, choose a water-based or silicone-based lubricant. Although an oil-based lubricant will not damage glass or metal materials for vaginal use. Oil-based anal is acceptable, however, choose silicone or water-based.

Anal stimulation with hands, penis, glass and metal toys

Technically, any lubricant can be used in this case. it will be most pleasant to use a silicone base. A hybrid lubricant will also be a good option. For additional anal comfort, you can use a lubricant containing jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid or panthenol. It is necessary to ensure that the lubricant is massaged or also available in the anus before inserting a lubricated sex toy/finger/fingers/member.

Anal stimulation with silicone toys

It is not possible to use a silicone based lubricant in this as it will damage the materials of the toy. A hybrid lubricant or a water-based anal lubricant can be used. A water-based vaginal lubricant in this case might be too liquid and dry out quickly. It is necessary to ensure that the lubricant is massaged or also available in the anus before inserting a lubricated sex toy. The more lubricant, the more comfort!

Use of funnels, anatomical tampons, vaginal trainers and facilitation of gynecological procedures

ONLY water-based lubricant that matches the pH level. A recommendation with a particularly gentle composition without any additives.

A full body massage that transitions into an intimate massage

Functionally, the most comfortable option and the most pleasant in terms of sensations is a massage product, which is also intended for intimate use. Massage gel or oil that can be used vaginally. So that it is not possible to use vaginally every day, but for such a scenario it will be the best solution. Please note – normal/classic massage oil is not intended for vaginal use! It is not even possible to massage the vulva - the external female genitals. Leave the classic massages for the back, arms and legs.

Coating / glossing of latex products

To make latex clothes easier to put on and provide shine, you can use special products created for it or a silicone-based lubricant.

Vaginal or anal fisting and use of oversized toys

Technically, it is easiest to use hybrid lubricants or oil-based lubricants for this purpose. However, it should be noted that they are not the most friendly solution for the vagina. For the vagina, it is better to choose a silicone or water-based lubricant. Anal, in this case, any base lubricant that does not damage the toy, if used, will do.


We recommend taking into account the suitability of the base and composition of lubricants for a specific part of the body and suitability for using a toy or other accessory. Many individual preferences regarding the consistency, smell, taste and other nuances of the lubricant must be formulated by everyone.

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