In what cases and why would you need a lubricant?

In what cases and why would you need a lubricant?

Various lubricants have been available for many years as one of the ways to improve the quality of life. However, you can still often hear questions about why and when would they be needed?

In order to make it easier to understand the essence of using lubricants, it is necessary to highlight the basic value of the lubricant, or its basic function - to improve lubricity during intimate activities, especially of a sexual nature. For example, during sexual intercourse, use of sex toys, masturbation or some kind of stimulating activity, which requires additional smoothness to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Comfort is one of the main keys to enjoying what is happening, because then we can truly focus only on the pleasant side of the sensations. With the help of a lubricant, side effects caused by rubbing and rubbing can be prevented. Lubricant helps fingers, toys and genitals to be as slippery as they need to be, so that the activities performed are pleasantly massaging rather than traumatically rubbing.

Lubricant can also be useful in other activities: inserting menstrual pictures, using an intimate trainer, massaging the perineum, moisturizing vulva problems on a daily basis. This aid is also used in the gynecologist's office, so that the insertion of the necessary instruments is comfortable for the paying patient. Especially tested ladies with a certain vaginal microflora are required to take their favorite, safe lubricant with them when they go to the gynecologist, because the lubricant used in the doctor's office is a large-volume, budget-class mass-use product that is not designed to be the most gentle for the vaginal microflora.

Does the body not produce enough of its own natural lubricants?

There is no single correct answer to this question. On the one hand, yes, the human body is capable of lubrication in the relevant places. However, on the other hand, we can't expect our bodies to be like perfectly functioning devices that just push a button or turn a knob and everything happens automatically. Many factors affect the ability of the genitals to lubricate. We are not even aware of a large part of them on a daily basis, and we reduce this superpower of our body!

Natural lubrication is affected by the amount of water drunk, the quality of food eaten, the presence of harmful habits, hormonal balance, stress level, mental and physical health balance, medication use, age and, especially for women, the phase of the menstrual cycle, as well as serious body changes that occur during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

It is also important that even with a perfect lifestyle and without any external environmental distractions (which are extremely rare cases), the presence of arousal, the desire to indulge in intimacy or masturbation will not automatically guarantee the release of natural lubricants. Human physiology is too complex a mechanism to expect the perfect body response desired for every situation.

There may be situations when the physical arousal is significantly increased and the desire for intimacy is significant, but genital lubrication is not sufficient for the desired activity. This situation can happen at any time and there are no special unfavorable conditions for it. In such a situation, it makes the most sense to use a lubricant and comfortably enjoy the desired activity, without worrying about what is wrong with the body. In the name of pleasure, it is worth supporting your body and your intimate partner in a safe way.

A quality lubricant will be clinically tested and dermatologically tested to be completely safe for use on the most sensitive and delicate areas of the human body. MYLOME is an excellent choice because it not only meets all quality standards, but also has a neutral ph level and osmolarity indicators that ensure the safety of the lubricant on the skin and a gentle effect that is consistent in the long term.

In addition, there are also exciting activities that are completely unimaginable without the use of lubricant! Anal play can be especially enjoyable if it relies on three main keys: communication, lubrication and patience. Although we sometimes feel aroused, the anus is not capable of self-lubrication. Therefore, in this situation, lubricant will be a necessity, so that the anal play turns out to be pleasant and enjoyable.


Genital health can be negatively affected, and substances unsuitable for this purpose are used to promote lubricity, such as food products, cosmetics and washing products, massage oils (they are NOT intended for intimate massage), coconut oil, petroleum jelly, saliva in large volumes or with poor oral hygiene.

Each of these substances can create an imbalance of the microflora, which in the near or distant future can lead to inflammation, infections or even serious diseases of the genital organs.

Accessories, lubricants are not replaceable products that are not specially developed, created and dermatologically tested for such purposes.

Let's take care of the quality of our intimate life and that of our loved ones!

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