Is lube a good gift?

Is lube a good gift?

A gift can be anything that makes the recipient happy. However, how can you know whether giving lubricants as a gift will be the right choice and will bring positive emotions? Making this decision would certainly require more thought than, say, the price of a scented candle. We recommend finding answers to some questions that make the choice easier.

Are you and the gift recipient able to communicate freely about sex and sexuality? This must be affirmative, because after such a gift, the choice can be perceived as incomprehensible, embarrassing, insulting or, quite simply, ridiculous and frivolous.

Are there any specific reasons that indicate the need for lubricants?

If you answered yes to the first question, then the answer to this one will also be found. Perhaps the recipient of the gift has mentioned in a conversation that they finally want some lubricant or maybe to add to their already existing collection of lubricants. You may have mentioned in conversations that you would like more comfort, better glide, or extra moisture during intimacy. If there is an idea to give lubricant to your partner, then the need for it can certainly be evidenced not only by conversations on this topic, but also by discomfort experienced during intimacy, caused by a feeling of dryness, insufficient natural lubrication, excessive friction, etc. etc.

Will the lubricant really be used and does it correspond to the user's taste, state of health, nature of sexual life, etc.? There are people who actively talk about sex, but in the bedroom with absolutely no addition. Maybe these people are conservative, prejudiced, but maybe they are completely satisfied with sex without any additional options. If the use of the lubricant is allowed, then it is necessary to find out whether the person does not have strict requirements regarding the base, composition, smell, consistency, etc. of the product. etc. For example, it doesn't make sense to gift a water-based lubricant to someone who only likes silicone-based options. The same applies to the consistency of the lubricant. It is even more risky not to know about the allergies of the recipient of the gift to any of the countries. Therefore, prior research before making such a gift is very important.



A gift for a partner


So are relationship models, and each couple has its own way of communication and level of sexual intelligence, values, priorities and understanding of the need for lubricants. For some couples, a new lubricant will be just another bottle on the shelf to compare with all the previous ones. For another, it will be the first assistant in the bedroom, but someone else may perceive it as a debauchery or a completely unnecessary thing. In a healthy partnership, sex is not only engaged in, but also talked about - how to improve its quality and give/receive more pleasure. If these questions are answered, then the need for a lubricant is self-evident and the desired parameters can also be determined - consistency, composition, base, smell, taste, type of packaging, etc. On the other hand, if the introduction of lubricants into intimate life has not been discussed in advance, the partner's reaction to it can be completely unpredictable. You can take care of the correct reception of the gift, a good way of presentation. This can be presented along with some intimate descriptions of play scenarios where the particular lubricant is used. You can take it a step further and give an entire usage demonstration as a role-play or performance of a specific stimulation. A substantial, interesting and exciting package is also a gift of a sex toy together with lubricant. Here, of course, both partners' understanding of the need for the toy, its type and use must be equally positive. It is recommended to avoid giving lube to your partner with an indication or hint that it is intended specifically for him/her and not for enjoyment together. This type of giving can be perceived as offensive or at least incomprehensible. No one would want to receive lubricant from a partner with the indication, that this is specifically for his lack of lubrication problem. It must be remembered that any challenges in the bedroom are the responsibility of both partners and must be solved in interaction, together.

Giving lubricant to a boyfriend/girlfriend with whom you are not in a romantic relationship

Lubricant often becomes a gift to a close person with whom you do not have an intimate relationship. Our closest friends sometimes know as much about our intimate lives as our partners - sometimes less, sometimes even more! Here it is important that friends' conversations about bedroom life should take place in a healthy way, and not just as a way to show off your partner or the number of orgasms you have achieved. For example, you have discussed the lubrication situation and the desire to improve comfort during intimacy, and you want to suggest to your girlfriend/boyfriend to try lubricant. Provided that such friend has not previously made disparaging, disparaging or otherwise negative comments about the use of such facility. It would also be useful to know about your friend's allergies or special sensitivity to smells and tastes.

For sister, mother, daughter...

Family members do not always have healthy conversations about sex and sexuality, but families where such conversations are not taboo clearly have a higher sense of mutual openness, trust, and freedom. Sex life is a big part of our life and it is impossible to ignore it. Sexual education is an integral part of the theory of successful child rearing. Parents should be the first and foremost source of information for children about sex and sexuality. If the child does not have such contact with the parents, then such a trusted person can also be an older sister/brother, godmother/godfather, aunt, cousin, etc. In the model of such a relationship, the gift of lubricant can also be perceived positively. There is no age limit to the use of lubricant, even teenagers can benefit from it while they are exploring their sexuality and have not yet fully figured out, how arousal and natural lubrication occur. This can be heard in many women's stories about their first sexual experience. Most often, situations of discomfort have arisen due to insufficient lubrication. Teenagers usually don't have enough knowledge about how long foreplay should be, how female sexuality works in general, and what to do with female genitalia, so the process tends to go too fast and the focus is on the male's pleasure and satisfaction. Lubricant can help make this activity comfortable and enjoyable so that all parties involved can have a positive experience. The use of condoms is also mandatory for teenagers, and additional lubricant will improve functionality – sufficient lubricity reduces the risk of condom breakage. We can also look at the gift of lubricant from the other side - when it is given to mom or aunt. Accordingly, the younger generation makes sure that parents and loved ones have the opportunity to get to know new products that were not available to them in their youth. As the years go by, everyday worries tend to push pleasure down the list of priorities, but the new generation has a wonderful opportunity to remind that pleasure is important at any age and something new can be chosen. It should be added again that this will work best if the mutual communication is already positive, open and the topics of sex do not cause shame or unpleasant feelings.

Why MYLOME Lubricant is a good gift

  • It is a water-based, universal lubricant that suits the type of sex and a wide variety of intimate activities. Not only for sex with a partner, but also for masturbation, posting pictures, using an intimate trainer, etc
  • Carefully formulated to minimize potential risks of allergies or irritation. It has only herbal ingredients, good pH and osmolarity indicators. Dermatologically tested and 99.5% natural.
  • Neutral fragrance. No added fragrance or flavor enhancers. The only smell and taste that can be felt is the natural aroma and taste of the raw materials, which are minimal and unobtrusive.
  • Neutral and hygienic packaging. If the discretion of the gift is important, then this factor is especially important. It will not be a shame to give as a wedding present or for Christmas in the family circle. If the gift is not fully used, it can be passed on to someone else to try. The special dispenser does not allow air or anything else to pass through the bottle - the lubricant is well protected from the external environment.
  • Made right here in Latvia - an opportunity to support local people. Made sustainably. The empty packaging can be returned for conscientious recycling. Good for you and the environment!
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